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sweet farmhouse perry Perry and cyder cider Perry and cyder cider

Our award-winning Sweet Farmhouse Perry has a grapefruity taste with floral aromas.

Our award-winning Medium Farmhouse Perry was more robust and full bodied with caramel notes.

Up until recently we had no idea of the names of the Perry Pears we were using. All we knew was they were from ancient trees, which cropped sporadically but when blended together they made a lovely drop.

Having shown our Perry Pears to Jim Chapman from Hartbury College in Gloucestershire we have discovered the Pears we have been using are:

Barnet, Winnalls Longdon, Thorn, Blakeney Red, Oldfield, Sack,

Brown Bess, Green Horse, Butt, Brandy, Hendre Huffcap,

Yellow Huffcap, Judge Amphlett, Monmouthshire Burgundy.

We make a small batch of bottle conditioned sparkling Perry from a single variety of Perry Pear each year. The Perry creates a natural sparkle once bottled in champagne bottles. The bottles are then inverted so all the natural yeast and sediment sink into the neck of the bottle. This is known as riddling the bottles. The necks are then frozen and the bottles opened releasing the plug of ice containing the sediment due to the pressure in the bottle. This is known as discourging. The cork is then replaced and wired down leaving a clear sparkling perry equal in taste to any champagne. The last vintage won two silver awards and had a sweet pear like taste. This might sound obvious but not all perry tastes pear like. Croes Wen means White Cross in Welsh and is the name of the farm where the pear is harvested.